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The global travel and adventure scene certainly got a whole lot tastier with the introduction of culinary tours – guided food trips that are now enjoyed by everyone from interested amateur cooks to professional chefs. Why are these tours so popular? Simply because they provide journeys into the heart of what makes a nation tick – its food, its drink and the cultural sauce that brings it all together.

Singapore is a food-lover’s paradise and offers a mesmerizing array of dishes prepared by Tamil, Indian, Malay, Thai, Chinese and pan-European cooks. Taking a tour of the city’s hawker centres therefore means entering into a culture that’s rich with food history; so trips led by a seasoned professionals like Culture Bites certainly add to the experience.

The most savvy operators team up with dedicated local experts to make each trip a culinary and cultural extravaganza. Participants can revel in the authentic atmosphere while being guided through the city’s wet markets, for example, where fresh produce, fish, meats and other cooking ingredients are all sold. They can also enjoy private tours of specialty shops, eat the best street in hawker centres, and see how the locals prepare and serve their world-famous dishes.

Taking a private cooking class at a prestigious Asian cooking school is another draw for food lovers who can learn how to make favourite Singaporean dishes like Laksa, a popular spicy noodle soup, or drinks such as Cendol, a dessert usually made with healthy coconut milk, rice flour jelly, shaved ice and palm sugar. Participants can also find out why Singaporeans top their sweet treat with pungent durian fruit and learn how to add pandan leaves, after being shown how to select the best ones at market.

Culinary tours often include cultural elements too, and in Singapore this includes guided private tours of cultural icons such as Fort Canning, which still houses Javanese artifacts from the 14th century. With every aspect of a culinary journey personalized to suit your cooking and travelling desires, a taste tour in Singapore is sure to satisfy all your food and culture cravings.