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Singapore Eating Tours

Food tours are the best way for travellers, professional cooks and explorers of global cuisine to discover a country’s real eating culture as they reveal the many layers of taste on offer, from street food level up to the finest restaurants.

There is perhaps no better city in Asia to explore from a food-lover’s perspective than Singapore – especially because it is home to a vibrant street food culture. Food lovers on a Singapore culinary tour will therefore find plenty to eat, drink and see along the way, and they will certainly come away more satisfied and smarter than they were before their journey started.

The Asian island nation’s people – from regular folk to top executives of multinational companies – all regularly drop into one of the city’s many hawker centres to enjoy tasty local dishes. These culinary hotspots are spread throughout Singapore’s sophisticated cityscape, and also pop up throughout the sprawling suburbs.

In addition to visiting the famed hawker centres, food tour participants on a trip to Singapore will also learn how to shop for ingredients at wet markets, guided by local experts, then learn to make delicious dishes like Bak Kut The (Pork Stew) and Fried Hokkien Mee (wok-fried noodles with prawns, eggs and chili sauce), both major favourites at the city’s food stalls. Drinks such as Chrysanthemum tea, Teh Halia, Cendol or even Tapai or Tuak (Palm Wine) are also on the tasting and learning menu.

A well-organized eating tour run by a dedicated operator like Culture Bites goes well beyond giving private cooking lessons. Travellers will also have experts on hand to explain how and when the Peranakans – descendants of early Chinese immigrants – brought their country’s culture and food to Singapore’s shores, mixing Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and other influences to create wondrous dishes.

Such trips are custom-designed to suit individual needs, from planned stops and meals at the best restaurants and street hawker centres, to accommodation aligned to individual budgets and trip lengths to suit specific schedules. What you’ll get from your eating tour is a palate-pleasing, memorable journey that will be reflected in the smiles of those you cook for when you return home.