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Singapore Food Tours

Culinary tours are an increasingly popular holiday choice for food lovers worldwide as they often include personalized cooking classes, tours of cultural highlights and visits to local eateries and restaurants. Singapore is a much lauded food-lover’s paradise, so it’s no surprise that the city-state attracts plenty of hungry visitors.

Street food in Asia has evolved over the years to become recognized among the best dishes a nation can offer; and Singapore has led the way in providing visitors with authentic local dishes at its many hawker centres.

While exploring the city, travellers on a food tour therefore have a chance to savour a vast range of local flavours, as well as to learn how delicacies from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and European nations make up the diverse food culture of this exciting island nation.

Singapore’s hawker centres allow the individuality of each chef to shine through in their own cooking space. Diners can saunter around dozens of different eateries to choose their preferred culinary creation, then watch as dishes are prepared fresh. Whether an amateur foodie or a professional chef, it’s hard to come away from a trip to the crossroads of Asian culture, commerce, trade and culinary art without experiencing a wealth of new dishes and ingredients.

Participants on food tours such as those run by Culture Bites also have the chance to take classes in one of Asia’s top cooking schools. They can enjoy specially led private tours
of Singapore’s wet markets, then watch and learn as chefs prepare dishes such as Singapore favorite Char Kuay Teow (a mix of sauces, noodles, vegetables, spices, meats and seafood), Black Carrot Cake or Wanton Mee (al dente angel hair noodles topped with succulent char siew drippings and meats).

With trips designed to meet every guest’s personal requirements, food tours offer one of the best ways to learn a country’s culinary secrets, while all the time being treated to top class services. Accommodation options are available to match a variety of budgets, and all domestic travel arrangements are generally handled by the operator, as are visits to many local specialty shops, tea houses and even purveyors of Chinese medicines.