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Singapore Food Trail

You might have cooked with a wok for years, but do you know how to imbue your stir-fried foods with Singaporean “wok hei” or “the breath of the wok”? After a journey along the food trail through the amazing island nation’s many street hawker centres, where you’ll watch the real cooks make special dishes all day long, you’ll soon learn how to cook the way they do.

When taking a culinary tour with a skilled professional operators like Culture Bites, travellers enjoy personal guidance from an expert chef, based in one of Asia’s top cooking schools. Another bonus is behind-the-scenes tours of the city’s iconic wet markets, which sell all manner of wondrous Asian ingredients, plus non-stop treats at countless food stalls. Then, of course, there are visits to specialty shops and Chinese herbal medicine stores and last but not least, cultural tours that explain the fascinating history of Singapore and it’s influence on the modern day cuisine.

The guides on the best food tours are qualified professionals with a deep knowledge of local history, food, drink and culture. This ensures that each day is filled with constant learning, but not in a pedantic or boring format. You’ll learn how to shop for ingredients to make Singapore-style dishes such as stir-fried Chili Crab, which uses sesame oil, shallots, chili paste, garlic and the final add-in of raw eggs, flash-cooked in the wondrous sauce that coats the crustacean. You’ll also shop for Pandan leaves that give many local desserts and savoury dishes their flavour and lovely green hue. You may even find out how to use Candlenuts to enhance the spicy taste of Malay curries and discover how these native dishes were also influenced by Indian cuisine.

These are the types of treats you’ll un-peel daily as you follow the Singapore food trail with a professional operator like Culture Bites, which provides expert guidance from dedicated professionals to ensure that each element of the trip is structured to match your culinary desires and expectations.