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Street Food Singapore Tours

Regarded as a world-class city thanks to its striking architecture, thriving economy and varied culinary delights, Singapore is a vibrant melting pot of Southeast Asian, Indian, Tamil, European and dozens of other cultural influences.

Once a British trading post established by Sir Stamford Raffles, the island nation has evolved to become one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. And what draws many people to visit this engaging Asian island state is the amazing food borne of the cross-influence of its many immigrants from all over the region and the globe.

Exploring the endless places where street food is made fresh and sold is an enjoyable way to learn how Singapore came to be the great city is today. In fact, the country is so serious about its street food, there’s even a World Street Food Congress (WSFC) held every year at the end of May.

Food tour participants will not only learn how many Chinese people arrived in Singapore to work in its rubber plantations; they will also make the same fried noodle dishes these early residents brought to the island, adding sauce and mixtures Indian cooks contributed as they too arrived to join the labour force.

Heated arguments can break out when Singaporeans debate which hawker centre or local eatery is the best to get Hainanese Chicken, and on a food tour you will soon understand why. With its delicately prepared white meat and rice cooked in many spices – including screw pine leaves for a rich savory taste – it is said to be the nation’s favorite dish. Find out why the New York Times called Tien Tien restaurant a “chicken rice

Under the guidance of expert chefs and local professionals, food tour participants can gain real insights into the nation’s culture through its food, drink and heritage highlights. They can enjoy behind-the-scenes tours of the city’s bustling wet markets – named for their multiple daily cleaning routines, they can learn how to select the freshest ingredients, and which spices, noodles, meats, vegetables and condiments to combine for true authentic Singapore flavours.

By choosing a professional operator such as Culture Bites, travellers also ensure their Singapore journey is an exploration of thorough enjoyment from day one until departure. Whether you’re taking a one-week tour or plan on staying for a month or more, the personalized approach includes all domestic travel needs, private tours and cooking lessons, which is part of what makes each Singapore street food tour so special.